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Welcome to studiobrowsEtc by Sandy!

We're experts at what we do and have a deep passion to enhance your beauty!

Our salon located inside Blue Lion Salon Studios located at 24551 Katy FWY, Katy, TX 77494. 

We are proud to be one of the most professional eyebrow enhancement and microblading salons in the area.  We are dedicated to providing quality personal care to our valued clients each and every moment.

Moreover, the facilities & equipment are very modern, clean, and sanitized which will offer you the most comfortable feeling. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Permanent Makeup 

1. Where can semi-permanent makeup be applied? Semi-permanent  makeup can be applied pretty much anywhere on the face, and clients can pick and choose which areas make the most sense for them. Common applications include filling in eyebrows, top-and-bottom eyeliner, and lip liner and color.  Presently we offer eyebrow application only, but will be expanding services in the future.

2. Who is Semi-permanent makeup for?  While Semi-permanent makeup is a great solution for people who don’t want to spend time applying and reapplying makeup, it’s also helpful for people whose skin is too sensitive for traditional makeup, people with dexterity or eyesight conditions that make it challenging to apply makeup, and active people who don’t want their makeup come off when they sweat. 

3. How permanent is Semi-permanent makeup? Technicians will apply pigment into the dermal layer of skin, so it cannot be washed off. However, much like tattoos, the color may begin to fade over time. Clients should undergo regularly scheduled touch-ups to keep their makeup looking its best, but is not uncommon for the initial prpocedure to last as long as three years.

4. Will it hurt? Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, so clients can expect some discomfort, but generally its very tolerable and  will vary from person to person. Our technicians offer a topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. 

5. Is there any downtime after the procedure? Most clients are able to return to work or school and resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment; but should avoid swimming and heavy sweating activities for 7 days, where possible.